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ligibilty is presently limited to artists, over the age of 21, who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the fields of ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, CREATIVE WRITING, CREATIVE WRITING TRANSLATION, MUSICAL COMPOSITION, or VISUAL ARTS. The total cost for a four-week residency is $4,000. Artists who are able to cover their own costs increase HDC’s ability to assist those who cannot, but acceptance to HDC is based upon quality of work and professional references, not the ability to contribute financially. HDC will make every effort to help invited artists who are in need of financial support.  
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These deadlines apply to all applications, whether submitted by postmarked mail or online.

All applications must be accompanied by a $35, non-refundable fee payable by check, money order or Paypal. APPLICATIONS FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE SHOULD ACCOMPANY THE ADMISSIONS APPLICATION. Upon acceptance, a non-refundable $500 deposit will be required of all residents, regardless of financial support. The balance of the cost ($3500) is due on the first day of the residency.

  SESSION I: June 1- June 28
SESSION II: July 2- July 28
  Application and $35 Fee Deadline:
Notification of Acceptance:
Your Confirmation of Acceptance and $500 Deposit:
FEBRUARY 20 - 24
  Application and $35 Fee Deadline:
Notification of Acceptance:
Your Confirmation of Acceptance and $500 Deposit:
  APRIL 13
APRIL 24 - 28
APRIL 29 - MAY 5
Applicants must submit samples of recent work, professional references, and a brief description of the work intended to be accomplished while at HDC. Residents are selected primarily on the basis of artistic merit, with consideration given to stylistic and geographic diversity. Applications are reviewed by an outside panel of professionals and the directors of HDC. The HDC jury convenes twice each year. Applications may be submitted for EARLY ACCEPTANCE by February 9 OR for LATE ACCEPTANCE by April 13. This system takes into account the fact that some people can plan ahead while others cannot. Early applicants are at a slight advantage because if they are "wait listed", they will be automatically be reconsidered for late acceptance. No matter whether the application is submitted for early OR late acceptance, applicants should express their preference for the session they wish to attend. Repeat residencies are permitted every three years.
Residents are expected to attend all dinners and participate in cultural engagements such as occasional open studios. Residents are asked to keep some form of journal from which they can draw to make an informal presentation during the last week of their residency. Most dinners are served in a semi-formal, public restaurant setting, so appropriate dress is expected. Volunteer assistance in maintaining the walking trails and organic vegetable gardens is always welcome.
HDC Artists CollaboratepaintingResidents at The Horned Dorset Inn